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Driving innovation in the European Agri-Food industry

Welcome to FATE

We are a leading association in Food & Agritech in Europe and work to promote innovation and development in the food sector.

About FATE

Our history, our mission

FATE (Food&Agritech Europe), was born in 2023 in Spain with the aim to become first european association in FoodTech and Agritech Sector.

MISSION: To promote growth and facilitate collaboration between foodtech companies in Europe, driving innovation and promoting technological solutions that contribute to healthier, more sustainable, ethical and accessible food for all.

VISION: To be the reference in the promotion and development of the foodtech industry in Europe, playing a catalytic role in the generation of business, in obtaining public funds and in the promotion of collaborative relationships between the public and private sectors, as well as between companies in the sector.








Why do we need a Foodtech Association?

  • Structuring and demystifying this emerging sector.
  • To have their own voice to participate in and influence decisions in the sector.
  • To Create an environment of trust/networking to foster collaboration, realisation of projects.
  • Sharing knowledge to accelerate the growth of the sector.
  • Strengthening the ecosystem (channelling funding, facilitating contacts...).

Definition foodtech / agrifoodtech

FOOD TECH: A company that uses technologies that are considered emerging or disruptive, or that have not been applied in food or agricultural and livestock processes in the traditional way, for the creation of ingredients, additives, preparations, foods, food preparations, specialised equipment and active and intelligent packaging, as well as processes and business models, that provide substantial improvements in some field with respect to the food that was on the market and the processes that manage them, from the field and the farm to the consumption of the same.

This includes everything from the production of raw materials to the management of surpluses and the minimisation of food loss and food waste, i.e. they apply throughout the agri-food value chain and make it more efficient and sustainable, with a clear impact on the food we eat.

Sustainable solutions

  • Sustainability
  • Circularity
  • Health
  • Personalized nutrition


  • Big data
  • Biotechnology
  • Bioinformatics
  • Cell culture
  • Development of new foods
  • Development of alternative proteins
  • Targeted/precision fermentation
  • 3D print
  • IA - Artificial intelligence
  • IT - Internet of things
  • Robotics and automation
  • Upcycling technologies
  • Omics
  • Others


  • Registration  and accreditation


  • Collaboration and synergies


  • Growth, sustainability and impact


  • Visibility and influence


ENCOURAGE STRATEGIC COLLABORATION: Promote collaboration between foodtech companies, public institutions and private sector, recognising synergy as key to sustainable development of the industry.

Generate corporate working groups with business INFLUENCE AND SYNERGY for the companies, with the aim of achieving a greater share of business in the food tech market. 

SELF-QUALIFICATION with FOODTECH SEAL, as an identification of companies with their own specialised industrial technology

PROMOTE COLLABORATIVE TRANSPARENCY: Promote transparency as a fundamental pillar of relationships, facilitating the open exchange of information between foodtech partner companies. T

PROMOTING RESPONSIBLE INNOVATION: Stimulating innovation as a driver of progress, encouraging responsible practices that respect regulations and contribute to a sustainable improvement of food chain.

ADVOCATE EQUITABLE ACCESS: Advocate for equity in access to resources and opportunities, have access to funding and strategic partnerships that will drive their development.

GROWTH: Identify the barriers that may prevent us from developing in the long term and transmit them to the relevant bodies. Licences, certifications, Novel Food approvals, financing, etc.

PRIORITIZE BUSINESS SUSTAINABILITY: Prioritise projects and practices that foster long-term sustainability, both economically and environmentally, promoting growth that benefits future generations.

COMMIT TO SOCIAL IMPACT: Commit to generate a positive impact on society through the promotion of food technologies and practices that contribute to health, accessibility and sustainability.

VISIBILITY: To demonstrate the maturity of our sector and to place ourselves among the most innovative in Europe.

INFLUENCE: To have a voice in strategic decision-making in the sector (aid, subsidies, food policies), to be recognised for the value we contribute to society and the economy as FoodTech.

The Association

Non-profit business association at European level (initially established in Spain).

- Cuidad Agroalimentaria de Tudela (free venue offered by the Government of Navarre).



- Full partners. Foodtech companies.

- Expert Members. Relevant persons from the sector.

- Collaborating partners. Other ecosystem entities. These may be companies, venture capital entities, accelerators, incubators, public administrations, universities, technology institutes and research centres, whose aim is to provide support to the Association, in order to promote its main objectives.

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